Robot Wars

We've all seen Hollywood's versions of robots, such as Robocop or Terminator. But what are they really like? Well, if the annual Robot Wars are any indication, you just may have something to fear. This all-out metal mutilation is the technological sporting event of the year -- where robots are designed to destroy and fight to the bitter end.

One hundred radio-controlled robots and their inventors from all over the world have gathered in an old San Francisco warehouse for the annual Robot Wars. The rules are pretty simple: no explosives, corrosives, or flames. Pin the other robot for 30 seconds, propel it out of the ring, or disable it. It's sudden death elimination and the crowds love it.


Comments one spectator, "The thing I like about the competition is the combat between two gladiators, even though they're not real. But it's still competition. It's still war, and war's exciting when you're not in it."


These armored warriors of surplus and scavenged parts can only destroy with the help of their creators, but this is only the begining. Rigth now the Japanese allready have robots that walk like men, and thier upper torso is radio control. Microchip companies are producing smaller and more power chips. This could lead to the production of real robot warriors. They would not have any conscience or remorse, and be programed for survival and the destruction of any other human or machine that gets in its way. Whether controled by humans or supercomputers, the out come will be the same, total annihilation. I leave you with these thoughts. Is this furture science, or science fiction?

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