Blackholes faster than the speed of light?

Black holes have been proven to exist, though we can't see one, we can see the effects they have on nearby stars. Gravity inside blackholes pulls in protons faster than the speed of light, they can't escape into space.

There is no way that we can travel into a black hole because every thing that goes into a blackhole becomes a singularity. But let us say that one day we can make blackholes. If we ever solve the unify field theory, we could make many blackholes in a circle, thereby distorting space and time. This would form a worm hole and enable us to travel to different parts of the universe. This is the type of machine that was built in the movie "Making Contact". Remember atomic bombs were made in the 1940's. Who in the 1800's would dream of this? Only science fiction writers. Is this future science or science fiction? You be the judge!

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